IMUBD of companies is a reputed corporate establishment with operations with commencing since 2005. With the years of financial growth, customer satisfaction and innovation the organization has anchored itself as a true multinational conglomerate of our beloved Bangladesh.

It is an enterprise with commendable presence in various sectors of the Bangladeshi economy. The Group has strong engagements in the following industries of the nation:

Apparel, Jute Products, Leather Items & related finished goods & accessories.

Building construction, architecture, Interior Renovation and real estate sectors of the economy.

Promotional-Corporate Gifts Items Supplier.

IT Sectors including Software, Website Development, E-Marketing.

Corporate Branding, Event Management & Tourism.

IMUBD’s success began with the inception of Ismail Creations. It dispatched its operations under the stout leadership of Mohammad Imtiaz.



IMUBD Overview

IMUBD Group of Companies is an enterprise with solid presence in various sectors of the Bangladeshi economy, which include the strong engagement in the construction, architecture, real estate sectors,  of the economy.

The success of IMUBD began more than 10 years ago in the year 2005 with the inception of Ismail Creations. It dispatched its operations under the stout leadership of Mohammad Imtiaz, and the company has an impressive approximate amount of 300 projects under its name to date. Over the years of success through leadership, innovation and customer satisfaction, the company evolved into a true conglomerate via diversifying from its core business operations and venturing into other fruitful enterprises.

With continuous retained earnings and equipped with a dynamic, experienced and professional management team, IMUBD has sought after sustainable growth and profits in the long run. The rationale behind such a diverse business portfolio is minimization of risk (risk of monetary loss and other forms of risks are dispersed amidst individual companies involved in separate industries of the macro economy), tapping into market opportunities after thorough market analysis, and of course, as aforementioned -sustainable growth and profits.

Key synopsis:

  • Over 100 people are working for the group with a large pool of highly professionals.
  • A good multicultural corporate environment with a full time employment including Indians, Sri Lankan and American Personnel.
  • An experienced and well-organized team.
  • Both Foreign and Local experts are engaged on a full time basis for the smooth operation of business.
  • Maxim : “Leadership through experience”
Our Strength
  • IMUBD a leading and reputed brand name with entrusted and dedicated clientele across the country.
  • Qualified, experienced and dedicated personnel at different fields and levels with dignity to uphold company image who are led by high profile globally experienced management board.
  • Years of experiences in the arena of architectural consultancy and construction of building and infrastructure establishments backed by reputed, qualified and experienced professionals to undertake, manage, supervise and construct any challenging projects.
  • Diversified with successful ventures in the fields of real estate development, apparel, tourism, jute-leather finished goods, IT, corporate branding, event-management, promotional-corporate gifts and other units with clear vision of the future market demands.
  • Internationalization of the companies by creation of strategic partnerships with leading global companies to build capacity.
Our Goals
  • Setting up international standards for our products and services
  • Enhance and retain our hard earned trust, loyalty and honesty of our valued clients with highly dedicated personnel.
  • Maintain sustainable growth rate by increasing internal strength through continuous capacity building to meet global challenges.
  • Increase the Brand Image & Brand Value for market penetration through internationalization of our companies.
Corporate Purpose & Values

At IMUBD our purpose is to improve the quality of business practice through implication of business ethics. We achieve this trough leadership and experience by delivering our superior products and services. We are committed towards total quality management and assure that our valued customers receive the best buy for their money spent.

We constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of the goods and services that we provide we are here to build a long term relationship with all stakeholders of our companies.

Chairman’s Message

My dream from the inception of the company has been to take it to the height of achievement in every field it operates in. With each new day and each new project that we complete, with each quality service that we render to our valued clients, we comes a step closer to making that dream into a reality.
From the very beginning we have striven to attain perfection in all the services provided to our clients, and today I feel honored to state that we have been successful in earning their most valuable trust and immense confidence. To this and I must thank the excellent management team and all the employees of the IMUBD of Companies for their utmost dedication, diligence and hard work. With the concerted effort of all of involved, it can now be said that the IMUBD of Companies is one of the largest conglomerates operating in the country, continuously contributing to the national development in the face of consultancy changing socio-economic and political context.

Mohammad Imtiaz
IMUBD (Group of Companies)
skype: imuimtiaz

Our Businesses

Ismail Creations

Ismail Creations (IC) is a multinational company having its corporate office in Dhaka and other offices in New York & Johannesburg. It has been involving in importing and supplying of promotional & corporate gifts; corporate branding, interior renovation and event management to the USA, South Africa & Bangladesh market. We specialize in items used for those sectors and all forms of below the line advertising.

Our international experience, analytical approach and passion for creativity give us the skills to meet your needs and those of your end users.

Sourcing & Fashions Ltd.

Sourcing & Fashions Ltd. (SFL) is a global trading company managing the source of supply and the delivery of textile products, Jute & Leather finished goods. The main focus of our business is to provide apparel sourcing services, jute & leather finished goods to our esteemed clients & to allow them a most satisfying buying experience. We cater directly to apparel retailers & importers worldwide & are currently providing services to a wide range of big US, Canadian, New Zealand, Australia & European retailers/importers.

Imu Technosoft

Founded in 2012 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, IMU TECHNOSOFT (IT) was formed to provide professional web-based services, ranging from custom web designs to fully functional dynamic rich websites; online marketing to establish a company as BRAND; and various Software development with award winning customer support.

Providing the ability to integrate clear, functional, and creative interfaces with technical, business solutions, IMU TECHNOSOFT (IT) was launched to strategically help build your brand, improve your global web presence, and develop more meaningful relationships with your customers.

Imu Interiors & Architecture

IIA is a leading firm of architectural & interior design consultants with a large portfolio of successful projects throughout Bangladesh. From our Dhaka office we specialize in delivering creative and innovative solutions for a wide range of hotel and hospitality clients. Through design and creating a positive visitor experience we aim to achieve and exceed our clients’ expectations and business objectives.

Our international experience, analytical approach and passion for creativity give us the skills to meet your needs and those of your end users.

Unique Enterprise

Roads & Highway; Bridge and other related govt. job and contract specialist. We have the latest & modern equipment to take any kinds of those projects. Our past records make us very reliable to our valued clients.

Tinni Trade International

Our forthcoming sister concern “Tinni Trade International” which is an online Fashion House for Ladies, Men & Kids. Registered in Dhaka, Bangladesh and initially will serve the clients in Bangladesh and gradually will operate in every country. Our objective is to be recognized as a Global Brand in Fashion Industry.


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